Is Getting A Facelift Worth It? How Long Surgery Lasts vs Fillers

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Is Getting A Facelift Worth It? How Long Surgery Lasts vs Fillers

Turning Back Time

The face is one of the first places to show the signs of age. First, wrinkles, fine lines, and frown lines appear. Eventually, these lines turn to jowls, marionette lines, and sagging skin. These signs of aging often do not reflect how someone feels on the inside. However, these signs can be addressed with help from a cosmetic surgeon. A surgeon may suggest fillers, but getting a facelift can truly turn back time, bringing long-lasting results.

What is a facelift?

A facelift or rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure that helps improve the appearance of aging. Facelifts gently pull the skin upward, smoothing out wrinkles, jowls, and sagging skin. The surgeon makes an incision along the hairline to the back of the ear. The skin is lifted and pulled upward, with the tissue strategically moved to create a younger look. The surgeon removes the excess skin and closes the incisions. In some cases, a facelift is combined with a neck lift to bring even more dramatic results.

Facelifts vs fillers

Facelifts aren’t the only way to improve the signs of aging. Fillers are often an effective, accessible way to treat wrinkles. Fillers contain compounds that doctors inject into strategic areas. These fillers plump up the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. Most patients prefer fillers as the procedures are non-invasive, using natural products like hyaluronic acid. Facelifts are more invasive but can have long-lasting results.

How long do facelifts last?

Facelifts last significantly longer than fillers. On average, fillers like Botox can last about 6 months, while other dermal fillers can last up to 2 years. The effectiveness of these fillers depends on patients scheduling additional procedures for maintenance. Facelifts, on the other hand, can last several years. On average, studies show that facelifts can last at least 5 years. In some cases, facelifts can last 10 years.

Is it worth it?

The results of both procedures are undeniable. Patients enjoy fewer wrinkles and turn back the clock. However, facelifts provide more dramatic results than fillers. Some patients can look up to 10 years younger with just one surgery. Facelifts are significantly more expensive than fillers and are not covered by insurance. However, the results and satisfaction rates make facelifts the go-to solution for patients with severe signs of aging.

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