RHONJ Star Jennifer Aydin Shows Off Post-Liposuction Body

Star Jennifer Aydin Post-Liposuction Body | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

RHONJ Star Jennifer Aydin Shows Off Post-Liposuction Body

Liposuction is the only way to permanently and immediately remove excess fat, allowing patients to achieve the body they deserve. At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, liposuction is understandably one of the most popular procedures, and it complements a number of other treatments such as tummy tucks. One of the latest celebrities to showcase their liposuction results is Jennifer Aydin of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Liposuction can be performed almost anywhere on the body

Liposuction can be performed almost anywhere, and Aydin had the procedure performed on her back. A lot of women are familiar with “bra bulge,” but just because it’s extremely common doesn’t mean that there aren’t options to address it. Liposuction can target nearly any part of the body, and in Aydin’s case, it gave her the sleek, smooth look she wanted. Tight blouses and dresses are now line-free thanks to liposuction.

Aydin was an ideal candidate for liposuction because she was already close to her goal weight, and she says she knows liposuction isn’t really a big weight loss solution. She works closely with a nutritionist and has a healthy diet and workout regimen, but at 42 years old, she also knows that sometimes a little extra help is needed. Liposuction can work as a contouring tool, allowing patients to enjoy targeted fat loss that isn’t possible with diet and exercise alone.

Liposuction Results

The results from liposuction are instant, although a little swelling is common immediately after the procedure. However, downtime is minimal. Most people return to their lighter daily activities right away and can resume workouts and more rigorous tasks a few days after surgery.

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