What is the Life Expectancy of Your Breast Implants?

What is The Life Expectancy of Breast Implants? | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

What is the Life Expectancy of Your Breast Implants?

Breast implants are not life-long devices, but they do tend to have a rather long life expectancy. Many women who undergo breast augmentation worry about the possibility of their implants having to be redone or the risk of them rupturing and having to be taken out entirely. These are all valid concerns, but not issues you should stay up worrying about. Breast augmentation performed at John Park MD Plastic Surgery can give you a beautiful bustline that can last for years and without complications.

Know Your Breasts

Most people tend to acknowledge that the “average” lifespan of breast implants is 10 to 20 years. This certainly isn’t the case for most women, however. Providing that you don’t have any issues with your breast implants, there’s no reason to replace or alter them.

Women who undergo breast augmentation should check their breasts on a regular basis for any type of change, such as a shift in one or both of their implants. Over time and with life events, including pregnancy and weight fluctuations, your breasts will change in shape and size. This doesn’t mean that your implants are at risk or that you’ll need breast augmentation revision. With age and the loss of skin elasticity, breast implants can also begin to sit differently on your chest. Although all these little changes are harmless and don’t necessarily qualify for breast implant replacement, they are significant differences that you need to be aware of and bring to Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. John Park’s attention if they begin to cause complications.

Know Your Risk for Implant Rupture

We know this sounds scary, but it’s simply responsible. It’s a given that the older your implants are, the higher the risk for a rupture. Older implants will have been through more wear and tear than implants that were just inserted. Again, there’s no need to worry though. Breast implants today not only come with a guarantee from manufacturers, but they are made with a sturdy shell that is designed to hold up. As you and your implant ages, it’s wise that you continue to keep your follow-up appointments with Dr. Park. There’s a possibility that a rupture can occur without even being noticeable. Follow up appointments give Dr. Park a chance to inspect your implants and to notice anything medically that you may have missed.

When properly cared for, breast implants can be maintained for years without issues and without the need to worry. To learn more about breast implants and their life expectancy, contact John Park MD Plastic Surgery at (949) 777-6883 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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