How to Ensure Your Lipo Results Remain “Permanent”

Ensuring Your Lipo Results Remain “Permanent” | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

How to Ensure Your Lipo Results Remain “Permanent”

Liposuction from John Park MD Plastic Surgery can be a great tool for putting the finishing touches on your newly contoured figure. If you’ve elected to have a tummy tuck with your mommy makeover, liposuction can take your results from good to great. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Although liposuction does permanently remove fat cells* from the body, it needs help to keep the results permanent*.

The Key to Permanent Lipo Results

Everyone has fat, even if their appearance portrays otherwise. As adults, our bodies have a certain number of fat cells that will remain the same unless surgical means are used to alter them. They can’t multiply, and they can’t just disappear; they can, however, expand. When someone gains weight, their fat cells grow, and when they lose weight, they shrink.

During liposuction, a cannula is used to suction away fat cells from isolated areas on the body. Popular places treated are the hips, thighs, and buttocks. Once fat cells are removed, they’re gone from the body forever. Again, the remaining fat cells cannot increase in number, but they can continue to grow in size altering your results. This is the reason that liposuction results don’t always appear to be permanent.

Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. John Park will help to shape your body to prevent an unbalanced appearance during your lipo procedure. It’s not as simple as just removing fat cells. They must be removed in a precise pattern to keep the body in proportion. Following surgery, it’s important that you follow a healthy lifestyle through a good diet and exercise regimen. This is what ensures long-lasting results.

Diet and Exercise – A Must For Optimal Liposuction Results

Always watch what you eat and drink. Limit alcohol consumption as it is empty calories and primarily sugar. Establish a regular exercise routine. You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym every day. Simply stay active. Run and play with your kids. Go for family bike rides. Just get your body moving and be consistent. These are the things that are going to help you maintain the results you desired when opting to have liposuction. You have to be willing to put forth the effort and do your part.

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