Living Longer: How Facelifts Are Transforming The Lives Of People In Their 60s

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Living Longer: How Facelifts Are Transforming The Lives Of People In Their 60s

Is 60 The New 40?

Americans are living longer than ever before, and many 60-year-olds are in prime health. However, appearance declines with age, causing older adults to consider cosmetic surgery. Social media and the internet have further emphasized the importance of a fresh face. To address common aging problems such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines a facelift can help.

The power of facelifts

Rhytidectomy, or facelift, is a surgical procedure designed to significantly reduce the signs of aging. By lifting and tightening the skin, facelifts eliminate wrinkles, folds, and sagging skin. The procedure happens under general anesthesia and starts with incisions made along the hairline to the ear. The surgeon will then gently lift the skin and reposition the underlying tissue. The skin is pulled and tightened, and any excess is cut away. The surgeon then places the skin at the hairline to reduce the signs of scars. After a short recovery, the patient will notice a fresher, renewed look with fewer wrinkles and folds. Facelifts are sometimes combined with neck or brow lifts for maximum results.

Look as young as you feel

One of the most significant benefits of facelifts is that patients look significantly younger than before. A more youthful appearance can be obtained by removing excess skin and smoothing out wrinkles. Studies show a perceived reduction in age, increased attractiveness, and more perceived success among people with this cosmetic procedure. The facelift targets the mid to lower face, so patients also notice a more defined jawline. Looking and feeling younger translates to more self-worth. As a result, seniors make better skincare, diet, and exercise decisions to maintain a fantastic new look.

Enter the room with confidence

Today’s 60-year-olds are starting businesses, meeting friends, creating content, and rekindling hobbies. However, there is still a concern about ageism in these spaces. People with facelifts are perceived to be healthier and more successful. Physically confident older adults tend to have longer, more successful careers and take bigger risks in business, finances, and interpersonal relationships.

Rekindle that spark

Loneliness is a significant concern among older adults. More than 25% of people over 65 suffer from isolation, and 20% of senior women also struggle with anxiety or depression. What’s more concerning is that loneliness in seniors often leads to a shorter lifespan. Many feel too old to go out, meet new friends, or start new relationships. The added confidence gained from a facelift is sometimes the spark 60-year-olds need to network, go out, or try dating apps.

Surgery in your 60s

Facelifts have fantastic benefits, but the procedure is not for everyone. Adults over 60 have higher risks of complications during surgery. The risk increases for those with preexisting conditions. However, adults 60 and over in excellent health can have facelifts. Follow the doctor’s instructions leading up to and after the surgery for the best results. Facelifts can reverse signs of aging, improve confidence, and spark joy that helps older adults live longer.

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