Study Reveals How Much Younger a Facelift Can Really Make You Look

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Study Reveals How Much Younger a Facelift Can Really Make You Look

You know that a facelift can take years off your life, but how many years? It’s a common question at John Park MD Plastic Surgery, and while, of course, this varies person to person, a new study has revealed the average number of years a facelift can erase from a patient. The researchers included a team of plastic surgeons who collaborated with medical students to estimate years erased when comparing before-and-after photos. Their conclusion? On average, a facelift makes a person look six to eight years younger.

The Age-Defying Secrets

The full results are published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, and the study was designed to help fill in some informational gaps for patients. “It’s nice to have an objective measure,” says the lead author. “Patients like to have concrete numbers to look at, and the more information you can provide, the more it facilitates decision-making.” The goal is to help balance patient goals with the reality of the results.

The study analyzed 54 women and 6 men, ranging from 45 – 72 years old. All underwent facial plastic surgery, mostly facelifts. The before-and-after photos were randomly mixed then shared with 40 first-year medical students. The students guessed the age of each person in the photo. Ultimately, post-surgery patients appeared 7.2 years younger. Unsurprisingly, the more procedures a person had, the younger they looked. Patients with a facelift and necklift looked 5.7 years younger after surgery and adding an eyelid lift removed an additional 2 years. Adding a forehead lift removed another full year. For patients who had all 4 procedures, they looked on average 8.4 years younger.

However, there is one big factor that can’t be ignored in the study: for consistency, the same surgeon performed all of the surgeries. The more skilled a surgeon is, the better the results.

Look Years Younger

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