Breast Augmentation Options

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Breast Augmentation Options

When first meeting with breast augmentation surgeon Dr. John Park, one of the first decisions you’ll make together is the type breast implants that will be part of the procedure. Including breast implants in breast lift surgery is the only way to increase fullness. However, breast implants also help patients better customize their results. There are more choices than ever when it comes to shaping the breasts, starting with the type of “fill.”

Silicone or Saline – Breast Augmentation Options

The most common filling types are saline and silicone. Silicone comes in either a gel or the cohesive “gummy bear” filler. There is no overall “best” filler, but there are variants in terms of feel, cost, and the type of incision required for each. Dr. John Park will walk you through the options to pinpoint the best breast implant filler for you.

Breast Augmentation Implant Shape

Next, the shape of the breast implant is selected. The most popular shape is round, although some silicone fillers come in a variety of shapes. Some patients prefer the natural “teardrop shape,” but both round and shaped breast implants can look completely natural when you’re depending on a skilled surgeon. Choosing to have the implants above or below the chest muscles can also make a big difference. Implants under the muscles require a more invasive procedure, but some patients believe it looks more natural.

Breast Augmentation Implant Size

Selecting the breast profile depends on many factors, including the patient’s frame size. Those who are petite need a higher profile to ensure the implants aren’t overly wide at the base. Of course, size is perhaps the most well-known option. Most breast implants range from 150cc – 800cc, but the size can be modified to suit a patient’s shape, needs, and goals. It’s very common for a patient to need different sizes on each side because natural breasts are rarely perfectly symmetrical.

Breast Augmentation Incision Location

The type of incision can also help in the decision-making process. The inframammary incision is small and only in the fold of the breast, though it can accommodate large implants. Scars are one to two inches long and naturally hidden in the crease. Peri-areolar incisions are created around the edge of the areola, hiding the scar in the pigment (popular with breast lifts). Trans-axillary incisions are small and in the armpit, allowing the surgeon to place the implant in the breast while completely avoiding scars on the actual breast.

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