Don’t Let The Name Fool You – “Mommy Makeovers” Are For Everyone!

Mommy Makeovers are for everyone | Irvine Plastic Surgeon Dr. John Park

Don’t Let The Name Fool You – “Mommy Makeovers” Are For Everyone!

Yes, that’s right, Mommy Makeovers are for everyone!

Pretty sure we can all agree that mothers are not the only women who may feel that they have lost their once feminine figures. Women of all ages (including grandmothers!) may find themselves in need of a combination breast/tummy correction procedure to restore their figures. And, let it be known that that is what the term “Mommy Makeover” is; a term used to describe a combination of surgical procedures to improve loose abdominal muscles, pump up deflated breasts, and remove the sagging tummy skin.

All of these unfortunate occurrences can happen to any woman due to weight fluctuation, aging, or genetics. Where diet and exercise fail, a “mommy makeover” can improve body contours and enhance the breasts to restore women of any age to a more slender and youthful appearance.

The Mommy Makeover term was given to this group of procedures because of the large population of women who, after having their families completed, find themselves less than happy with the shape their bodies are in. Mothers’ bodies experience huge changes during pregnancy and childbirth, more often than not, leaving permanent reminders of the experience.

However, unsightly stretch marks, loose skin, skin, fat rolls, and sagging breasts are not exclusive to mothers. Women and men alike may find themselves in need of similar help due to aging, genetics, and weight fluctuations. So, let it be known that anyone can get a mommy makeover or a similarly customized group of procedures to help them look and feel like they did before pregnancy, weight changes, or aging took a toll on their bodies.

The procedures most commonly combined for a “mommy makeover” would be:

Breast Augmentation
Breast lift
Tummy tuck

Of course, you and your board certified plastic surgeon would sit down and discuss the procedures and together a determination of the best way for you to proceed would be considered.

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Clearly, the Mommy Makeover is not restricted to just one group of people. We should add Grand-mommy makeovers and Daddy-Do-Overs to the list of possible makeovers. No matter what you and your body may have been through, you deserve to feel comfortable in your skin. Contact Dr. John Park for your individualized consultation, so that we may show you the different ways we can help you attain the body you desire.

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