Mommy Makeovers – Focusing On The Breasts And Tummy

Mommy Makeovers - Focusing On The Breasts And Tummy | Dr. John Park

Mommy Makeovers – Focusing On The Breasts And Tummy

After completing their families, it isn’t long after the birth of their last baby that many women set out on a mission to return their bodies to pre-pregnancy shape – enter the “ mommy makeover.”

Women are left feeling as though their breasts and belly may never forgive them for the trauma they went through. However what a mommy makeover offers is a combination of individual procedures targeted to what YOU want accomplished. For our purposes here, we will concentrate on the breasts and tummy.

What a Mommy Makeover Does For The Breasts

Breastfeeding can leave previously perky breasts looking stretched out and deflated. Even without breastfeeding, the changes in shape as the breasts prepares to do so causes a big up and down, leading to droopy breasts when the dust settles. And as we all know, it isn’t pretty.

Moms have several options when it comes to restoring shape to their breasts, including doing a breast lift alone, a breast augmentation alone, or a combination of both procedures involved in a mommy makeover. A breast lift will help change the shape, and an implant will give volume if it is lacking.

What A Mommy Makeover Does For The Tummy

During childbirth, the muscles of the abdomen can be stretched out and separated, causing bulging or looseness of the lower abdomen. Upon looking at the abdomen it must be decided what exactly is needed. Perhaps it just a liposuction issue, is it a mini tummy tuck? Or is it a full tummy tuck, with or without muscle repair? All of those need to be assessed by a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced and who you see eye to eye with. The terms “mini” and “full” refer to how long the incision will need to be in order to achieve the desired result: a flatter, toned stomach. The more loose skin that is present, the longer the incision and resulting scar will be.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

The first two weeks of the mommy makeover recovery are the most important. After two weeks many patients may begin returning to normal activities such as driving and running errands. For a period of six weeks nothing heavier than ten pounds, which includes small children, may be lifted.

Remember that caring for small children is a job in and of itself. So make sure you have help and plenty of it.  A husband who has never helped out with the daily chores and all that’s involved in parenting, may not be a good choice. Find a close relative or friend to take on some duties during your downtime.

Perhaps you are at the point when a mommy makeover makes sense. If it is what you want and your child bearing is behind you, why not look into it?

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