Do I Need Muscle Repair With My Tummy Tuck?

Do I Need Muscle Repair With My Tummy Tuck? | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Do I Need Muscle Repair With My Tummy Tuck?

The goal of a tummy tuck is to improve the appearance of the midsection by removing excess skin and fat. During most tummy tuck procedures, abdominal muscles that have become stretched and weakened as a result of pregnancy or extreme weight loss are sutured and repaired. But how do you know if you need muscle repair with your tummy tuck from John Park MD Plastic Surgery? Here’s some more information about muscle repair and when it is needed.

Abdominal Muscle Separation 101

Abdominal muscle separation, also called a diastasis, is very common in patients who are considering tummy tucks. The abdominal wall is made of two bands of muscles that run parallel in the middle of the stomach. These are the muscles that give you that “six-pack” look. The band of muscles is connected via a thin sheet of tissue known as the fascia. During pregnancy or weight gain, the abdomen becomes bigger, in turn, stretching the abdominal muscles as well as the fascia creating a gap.

Following weight loss and childbirth, the stomach slowly returns to its pre-form, however, some muscle laxity can remain. This can cause a protruding belly or the dreaded belly pooch. When this occurs, there’s very little aside from surgery that can correct the abdomen. Diet and exercise are unable to tighten the weakened abdominal muscles naturally. During a tummy tuck, sutures are placed in the connective tissue pulling it tight and back into position.

Is Muscle Repair Always Necessary?

Although muscle repair usually produces better results with a tummy tuck by achieving a flat and toned abdomen, it is not always necessary. Not all weight loss patients suffer from muscle separation. Sometimes adding liposuction to remove the extra fat is enough to achieve optimal tummy tuck results. Women who have a caesarian do not always require muscle repair either due to the fact that when they were sewn shut during their C-section, the muscle separation was corrected at that time.

Bridge the Gap with a Tummy Tuck at John Park MD Plastic Surgery

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