Neck, Face Or Brow: Can You Customize A Facelift To Target Specific Areas?

A facelift often targets one part of the face. To treat specific areas, surgeons may perform procedures for the neck and brow.

Neck, Face Or Brow: Can You Customize A Facelift To Target Specific Areas?

More Than A Facelift

Cosmetic surgeons help thousands of patients address wrinkles, jowls, sagging skin, and other signs of aging. Most patients think the solution is a simple facelift. However, a facelift is just one of the procedures in the doctor’s toolkit. A facelift is not always the best or only solution in some cases. For example, a patient may have a specific neck or brow area concern. A neck lift or brow lift may be the better option.

Understanding facelifts

A facelift or rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure that can reduce sagging skin and jowls while improving elasticity. Facelifts start with an incision along the hairline to the ear. The surgeon then pulls the skin upward and repositions the tissue. This strategy smooths and revitalizes the patient’s appearance. Despite the effectiveness of facelifts, the procedure only impacts the lower half of the face. Therefore, patients will need a customized approach to target other areas of the face.

Stick your neck out

The neck plays an essential role in the overall shape and contour of the face. A facelift only targets the lower part of the face but not the neck. The neck is one of the first places fat accumulates, causing sagging skin, jowls, and muscle bands. If the patient is still satisfied with the appearance of the lower face, neck lifts target concerns with the neck. A surgeon will make incisions at the sideburns, then gently lift the skin upward. Fat, tissue, and muscle are sculpted and redistributed, with the excess skin trimmed off.

A better brow

What about the upper part of the face? Frowning and smiling can cause wrinkles, deep glabellar lines, and sagging skin. Over time, crow’s feet develop in the corners of the eyes. The skin also begins to sag, causing drooping hoods over the eyelids. Brow lifts, sometimes called forehead lifts, target these specific areas. The procedure shifts sagging skin and addresses frown lines, providing a refreshed look. Surgeons can complete brow lifts using small incisions along the hairline and an endoscope. In some cases, a larger coronal incision from ear to ear allows the surgeon to perform more dramatic adjustments.

Put it all together

Facelifts, neck lifts, and brow lifts all target specific face areas that show signs of aging. However, a surgeon may suggest combining these procedures for the best results. For instance, a facelift and neck lift can bring more dramatic results for the lower face. Likewise, a facelift and brow lift can transform the upper region. Together, the procedure brings facial rejuvenation that can take years off the patient’s appearance. Advancements in techniques also mean the incisions are well hidden with minimal scarring. Cosmetic surgeons develop a customized plan to meet the patient’s needs using one or more of these procedures.

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