Choosing a Newport Beach Cosmetic Surgeon

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Choosing a Newport Beach Cosmetic Surgeon

Congratulations! You’ve decided to learn more about cosmetic surgery, and at John Park MD Plastic Surgery we’re committed to making sure patients know what makes a great plastic surgeon and why choosing carefully matters. First, make sure your Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon is board certified. This might sound like a given, but the government doesn’t actually require a surgeon to be trained in the procedures they perform. This is often especially true for cosmetic surgery, and doctors with surgical training (but not cosmetic surgery in particular) can legally perform plastic surgery procedures. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery stresses that patients should ensure their plastic surgeon is board-certified, like Dr. Park is.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

It’s also important to make sure your Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon is experienced in the procedures you want to be performed. A cosmetic surgeon can be board certified in tummy tucks or breast augmentation, but that doesn’t mean they have ample experience with those procedures. The best plastic surgeons focus on just a few key procedures. For example, at John Park MD Plastic Surgery tummy tucks, liposuction, facelifts, and breast augmentations are the specialties. Ask how many procedures the surgeon has performed and how many years they’ve been providing those surgeries.

You’ll also want to select a cosmetic surgeon whose aesthetic approach aligns with yours. This is where before and after photos are crucial. Everyone has different ideas of their preferred look, and it’s critical that you find a surgeon who provides the results you want for yourself. Look for consistency in the photos, and seek out previous patients with a body/face that’s similar to yours.

During a complimentary consultation, keep note of the overall “vibe” between you and the surgeon. How you feel about the surgeon is foundational in building trust and a big part of a successful cosmetic surgery. You should like your doctor and their team, and should feel at ease in the clinic.

As you start this exciting journey, keep in mind that choosing the right cosmetic surgeon in Newport Beach is a big part of ensuring results you’ll love. To schedule your complimentary consultation with John Park MD Plastic Surgery, call your Newport Beach plastic surgeon at (949) 777-6883 today.

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