Profile & Shape: Questions To Ask Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

john park plastic surgery Profile & Shape Questions To Ask Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Profile & Shape: Questions To Ask Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Find Out About Breast Implant Types

Every year, hundreds of thousands of women are interested in breast augmentation procedures. The journey to a brand new look starts with an initial conversation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Breast augmentation involves more than just increasing a cup size. Factors such as the breast profile and shape can also determine the natural look and feel of implants. Here are the critical questions you should ask about these implant characteristics.

First, what are breast implant profiles?

When patients talk about breast augmentation, the initial thought is moving from an A cup to a C cup, for example. However, size is just one factor in the overall appearance. A breast implant profile refers to how the implant will appear from a side view. In other words, the implant profile is how far the breast will project forward from the chest. In essence, a more prominent profile will provide a larger cup size.

Which is the best profile for me?

There are several forms to choose from based on the patient’s preferences and the surgeon’s recommendation. The types of profiles include:

  • Low profile has the most minor extension from the chest. Women looking for a subtle increase in breast size would choose a low profile.
  • Medium or moderate profile gives a much further projection, great for women who want more cleavage.
  • Full profile, sometimes called a high profile, gives both large projection and size. High profiles are for women who desire both large cup size and profile.

There are also extra-high profiles that can begin to look more augmented and can be unstable. When choosing a profile, think about how the breast will look from a side view and choose the best type.

How will my implant’s shape look?

After choosing the right profile and size, the breast implant shape is just as important. Implants typically have 2 general shapes despite breast sizes. Round implants usually have a soft exterior and provide a symmetrical appearance. These implants give a fuller appearance at the top of the breast. Teardrop implants are textured silicone implants. As the name suggests, these have a smaller top and broader base, giving a more natural look and feel. Teardrop implants depend on gravity to achieve a sloped look.

Which shape should I choose?

Round implants are great for women looking for extra cleavage. These will have a more semicircular appearance. Round shapes are usually moderate to full profile implants. Should these implants shift slightly for any reason, the symmetry should be the same. Round implants also move more naturally when lying down. Teardrop implants are great for women looking for a more extensive breast with a more natural look and feel. These feel firmer, particularly for women with minimal breast tissue, and tend to stay in place.

Other factors to consider

With the best profile and shape decided, there are other important factors to consider. Breast size is important and the surgeon determines the volume by measuring the liquid inside the implant in cubic centimeters (cc) size. These measurements are then translated to the desired cup size. Another critical factor is the surgical location of the implant, which implants the look of the breast. Some surgeons will install the implant in front of the chest muscle, behind, or a combination of both. Each location has pros and cons. For example, implanting behind the muscle may look more natural but can increase scaring and extended recovery time. Make sure to discuss the risks, recovery time, and expected results with the surgeon.

Make the right choice for you

Breast augmentation surgery can do wonders for overall self-esteem and confidence. The procedure can even repair certain breast conditions while enhancing the size and fullness. However, careful thought must go into all factors of the process. With a surgeon’s help, choose the right profile, shape, and size to bring the best results.


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