Who’s the Right Candidate for Liposuction?

Are you a Candidate for Liposuction? | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Who’s the Right Candidate for Liposuction?

Often called “lipo,” liposuction is the only way to immediately and permanently remove targeted fat from the body. It’s one of the most popular procedures at John Park MD Plastic Surgery and can be a fantastic complement to other procedures. Liposuction requires a very small incision near the target site and removes just the right amount of fat to give you the svelte, contoured, and sculpted appearance you want.

How to know if you’re the right fit for liposuction

  • You work out and diet, but can’t target fat loss. Everyone has different amounts of fat cells and unique fat distribution. When we “lose” weight with diet and exercise, we’re just shrinking fat cells and often can’t choose specifically where those fat cells shrink. Sometimes no amount of diet and exercise will reduce fat cells in the “right” place. That’s where liposuction can work wonders.
  • You’re at or near your goal weight. While liposuction technically causes you to “lose fat” by removing it, it’s not the same as gastric bypass surgery. Liposuction should not be used if your goal is to remove very large amounts of fat. Ideal candidates are generally healthy and are at or close to their goal weight.
  • You have realistic expectations. Liposuction won’t make you look like a celebrity and may not give you the exact tummy, thighs, or arms that you see on a model. Your body is still yours and is uniquely attractive. If you do want results beyond targeted fat loss, such as minimizing stretch marks or tightening the skin, complementary procedures such as laser skin resurfacing or a chemical peel can help. Liposuction is strictly a targeted fat removal procedure, and oftentimes skin tightening treatments can help give you even more dramatic results.
  • You’re positive you want to get rid of fat for good. Once the fat is removed from the body, it’s gone for good. You can’t regain fat in the liposuctioned area. This is great news for a lot of clients, but if you’re interested in fat transfer (perhaps to your cheeks), discuss these options during your consultation. Combining liposuction with a fat transfer can be a fantastic option for many people.

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