Sagging Skin & Deep Lines: Are Dermal Fillers Or A Facelift The Answer For You

john park plastic surgery Sagging Skin _ Deep Lines Are Dermal Fillers Or A Facelift The Answer For You

Sagging Skin & Deep Lines: Are Dermal Fillers Or A Facelift The Answer For You

Changing The Look Of Your Skin

Sagging skin and deep lines happen with age. These changes can feel distressing at times and is a poor reflection of the person inside. A great skincare routine can help, but eventually, some patients would need more help to reverse these severe signs. Cosmetic surgeons have found that both fillers and facelifts are effective solutions with long-term results. Each can work in different circumstances for maximum effect.

The cause of sagging skin

Several changes happen to the face with age that gives the appearance of sagging skin. From the age of 40, the body begins to experience more bone loss. This bone loss is even more rapid for women with menopause. Bone loss happens in the face and skin remains the same, creating a sagging effect. The skin also loses collagen, considered the mortar that gives a firm, tight appearance. Add in weight changes, and sagging skin can happen around the cheeks and neck.

Can dermal fillers help deep lines?

Like sagging skin, deep lines are formed by reduced elastin and collagen. Less collagen means reduced firmness and thinning skin more susceptible to gravity. Added external factors like stress, diet, UV rays, and harsh environments accelerate deep lines. Repeated facial expressions like frowning, squinting, or smiling can cause minor wrinkles. Over time, these can move to deep lines and folds.

Fillers and facelifts may be the answer

A discussion with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon can reveal procedures that can treat both issues. Dermal fillers and facelifts are the most effective forms of treatment for the signs of aging. Fillers are compounds injected into specific parts of the face and add volume while reducing the appearance of deep lines. Facelifts are invasive surgeries that reposition tissue and fat, lifting sagging skin. Excess skin is removed to give a more defined, long-term anti-aging solution.

When should you opt for fillers?

Fillers are best for patients who notice mild sagging, moderate wrinkles, and some deep lines. Patients younger than 40 can see success with dermal fillers preventative measures. However, these patients will unlikely have sagging skin unless there is significant weight loss. Fillers are non-invasive outpatient procedures that may require multiple sessions. Some fillers can last as long as 1-2 years, with a high success rate.

Can a facelift make a difference?

Some facelifts, like a mini-facelift, are less invasive with shorter recovery times. However, most procedures are invasive with longer recovery but more dramatic results. Facelifts are the answer for patients with severe sagging, folds, and deep wrinkles. Some may have tried other treatments, like fillers, in the past. Each patient’s concern is different and, the cosmetic surgeon will advise on the best course of action. Like fillers, facelifts have high satisfaction and success rates which last much longer.

Address the signs of aging

Sagging skin and deep lines could significantly impact self-esteem and quality of life. Aging is a natural part of life. However, the rapid changes are not a true reflection of what’s inside. Patients want to look and feel vibrant, so fillers and facelifts may be the solution. The first step is to consult a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. The surgeon will assess age, health, aging concerns, and patient goals. From there, fillers and facelifts, along with other procedures, can help bring outstanding results.

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