Should Men Over 40 Try Fillers Or Facelifts? Turning Back The Clock With Surgery


Should Men Over 40 Try Fillers Or Facelifts? Turning Back The Clock With Surgery

Plastic Surgery Isn’t Just For Women

Historically, when people think of cosmetic surgery, women-oriented solutions such as getting breast implants are the first idea that comes to mind. Likewise, even for in-office procedures such as fillers, women tend to be viewed as the primary recipients or candidates. Even though a case can be made that society pressures women to look youthful, men aren’t immune to pop culture’s obsession with staying young for as long as possible.

Male cosmetic surgery stats

Unsurprisingly, women comprise the larger share of plastic surgery patients, but men are continuing to increasingly look to cosmetic treatments to turn back the hands of time. According to recent data, male cosmetic procedures only accounted for 13% of the total amount of plastic surgery performed, including in-office treatments. However, with fillers and facelifts more accessible than ever before, should men over 40 consider such treatments more often?

Popular treatments

While some men opt for liposuction or breast reductions, most male patients choose cosmetic procedures focused on the face. Common options include nose reshaping, facelifts, and eyelid surgery. Likewise, many individuals are also looking for non-invasive solutions such as laser hair removal, soft-tissue fillers, and even injectables to minimize wrinkles and deep lines.

When to consider a facelift

Not every individual that wants a facelift is automatically a good candidate for the procedure. Just like in women, a man considering this surgery should currently be experiencing a notable facial concern that cannot be corrected with conservative treatments. For example, a person with sagging skin in the cheeks or jawline, large folds in the neck, wrinkles around the nose and mouth, jowls, and even lax cheek muscles would be ideal for a facelift.

Can fillers work for men?

If opting for a facelift seems overwhelming, fillers can be another solution that can still work to make a man look younger. Many common aging signs, such as sagging skin or drooping, are caused by a loss of volume in the skin and surrounding facial tissues. Fillers can work to replenish lost volume to round out the skin, leading to a more youthful appearance. Many types of fillers exist. Depending on where on the face a man wants to improve the profile, specific fillers may be better options.

Turning back the hands of time

Wanting to look and feel young isn’t a uniquely female desire. Men over 40 aren’t immune to society’s obsession with looking youthful and the pressure that follows this notion. While cosmetic trends for male patients are slightly different than in women, the overlap exists within the facial procedures niche. Whether considering a facelift or a less invasive solution like fillers, speaking with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best first step a man can take.

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