Top Skin Care Treatments For Spring

Top Skin Care Treatments For Spring | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Top Skin Care Treatments For Spring

The transition between seasons – such as winter and spring – is the perfect time to focus on your skin’s health and give it a little TLC. The winter months can be harsh, not just weather-wise, but also on your skin. The cool, dry air can wreak havoc on your skin causing it to also dry out and become dull and lifeless. John Park MD Plastic Surgery offers top-of-the-line skin care treatments and products to renew your skin’s health and breathe life into it just into for spring.

Shed Dead Winter Layers With A Spring-Time Chemical Peel

It’s time to strip your skin of the dead, damaged layers using one of our ZO Skin Health chemical peels to reveal new healthy, younger looking skin. Chemical peels help to smoothen your skin and improve rough texture and uneven skin tone that can develop as a result of a lack of hydration. Chemical peels come in various strengths and can be customized to meet your individual skin care needs. Licensed medical aesthetician Catherine Tolooie will evaluate your skin and determine which particular peel will give you a radiant and glowing complexion.

Lock In Moisture With a Medical-Grade Facial

Spring facials are perfect for delivering a surge of moisture to dry and thirsty skin. At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, many of our customized facials are combined with other skin care treatments including chemical peels or microdermabrasion which help to exfoliate the skin and open up pores to allow for complete hydration. Facials can cleanse and rejuvenate your skin to create a revitalized appearance with visible results.

At-Home Treatments With ZO Skin Care Products

Along with chemical peels and facials, you can indeed improve the vitality of your skin by following a ZO skin care regimen at home. Catherine Tolooie is an expert on ZO products, and she will work with you to create a skin care routine that fits into your schedule and will accomplish your skin goals. By combining at-home treatments with medical-grade procedures performed at John Park MD Plastic Surgery, your skin’s health will dramatically improve, and results will be able to be seen in as little as six weeks.

Spring Clean Your Skin At John Park MD Plastic Surgery

If you’re ready to boost your skin’s health and get it ready for the summer months ahead, we invite you to contact John Park MD Plastic Surgery at (949) 777-6883 and schedule a skin care consultation with skin care expert Catherine. From chemical peels to facials to ZO Skin Care products, we will provide you with all the necessary tools to revive your skin and create a flawless and healthy complexion.

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