Stretch Marks After A Breast Augmentation – Should I Be Concerned?

Stretch Marks After A Breast Augmentation | Dr. John Park Newport Beach

Stretch Marks After A Breast Augmentation – Should I Be Concerned?

There are factors that can affect the likelihood of stretch marks after a breast augmentation, and it’s important that patients be aware of those before their surgery. But, by far and away, generally speaking, surgeons are not concerned that stretch marks will be a complication of the surgery.

Stretch Marks And Breast Augmentations – Things To Consider

Stretch marks are caused by tiny tears in the deep layer of the skin known as the dermis. These tears cause a pink or red appearance or can cause thinning of the skin. The rapid expansion of the skin with poor elasticity and weaker skin strength is a primary factor in developing them. Stretch marks are also found to have a hereditary factor attached to them.

Implant size and weight should be considered always, but more so with people with weak and thin skin and also for those with strong, elastic skin. Because they would be at risk for stretch marks as well as sagging or drooping breasts. The less weight that the skin has to support makes it more likely that the implants will not fail.

For you to obtain the very best results in your breast augmentation surgery, many, many factors have to be considered. It is imperative that you choose a surgeon that will weigh and consider all aspects of the surgery, not just those that are more likely.

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