Taking The Leap: 4 Tips To Choose The Best Surgeon For Your Facelift

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Taking The Leap: 4 Tips To Choose The Best Surgeon For Your Facelift

Time For A Facelift

When making the choice to get a facelift, finding the right surgeon is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Although logistical factors like budget and location will play a role in each patient’s decision, the 4 tips here can help with choosing the best surgeon.

1. Check those credentials

One of the most important things to check for when selecting a plastic surgeon is for board certification. This information is usually available on the provider’s website and ensures the doctor is properly trained, has experience, and has passed exams on the topic of cosmetic surgery.

2. Ask questions about expertise

Gathering information about expertise is equally imperative when researching the doctor who may perform this procedure. Finding a plastic surgeon who has specific expertise working with the face versus another body part is critical. Consider asking questions about how many years the surgeon has been performing this procedure or how often this type of surgery has been done at this office.

3. Aesthetic matters

Like all medical sub-specialties, each plastic surgeon will have a specific technique and approach to the facelift procedure. Ask to see before and after photos to ensure that the results are similar to what is desired.

4. Reviews, reviews, reviews

Patient reviews are a great way to hear from other people who have undergone this type of procedure. Start by looking online to see what others say, and consider asking the office for feedback. This can give insight into how the surgeon treats patients, procedure results, ease of scheduling, and how satisfied patients are with the final result.

Time for a consultation

After completing this preliminary research, a few top contenders should emerge. The next step is to schedule a consultation to meet in person and discuss the specifics of what is desired. This is a great time to learn more about total cost of the procedure and scheduling availability. Finding a surgeon that will listen to any concerns and take the time to answer questions is important. Getting a facelift should be a positive experience, starting with finding the right doctor.

Trust your gut

Checking credentials, learning about expertise, making sure the outcomes are acceptable, and reading reviews are 4 great tips when researching a potential surgeon. That said, personal instinct and gut feeling should always be trusted when deciding who to book with. Choosing a surgeon that makes the experience comfortable and enjoyable will help make the facelift a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

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