The 3 Parts Of Your Facial Structure: What To Know Before A Facelift

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The 3 Parts Of Your Facial Structure: What To Know Before A Facelift

Backing The Gold Standard

Celebrities with symmetrical features inspire some patients to adjust specific facial features. In 2020 alone, 15.6 million plastic surgery procedures and 6.8 million reconstructive surgeries were performed in the US. Nose reshaping, breast augmentations, and facelifts commonly fill the most common surgeries. Medical experts used the golden ratio as a mathematical scale for beauty for hundreds of years. The number 1.618, when translated to facial proportions, dictates that the most beautiful faces are 1-1.5 times longer than wide. Although absolute beauty is unattainable, the golden ratio highlights one universal form of life and nature.

Behind the ratio

The golden ratio was initially depicted by inventor, scientist, sculptor, and painter, Leonardo Da Vinci during the 15th century. This standard is historically known as the heavenly proportion. Repeated throughout nature, the golden ratio follows a predictable, set pattern. The number and position of flowers, seashells, and even human fingers follow a specific mathematical grouping related to the ratio. The golden ratio is 1 to 1.618. For example, assuming that the width of a nose is 1, the length of the ideal nose will be 1.618. The equivalent is valid for lip size; the ideal lower lip is 1.618 times bigger than the upper lip. Key experts contend that 1.618 reflects nature in seeking and empowering visual balance.

Keeping it 1.618

The golden ratio was more aesthetically pleasing than any other proportion of rectangles, from facial features to architecture. In cases of cosmetic surgery, mathematical regularity provides a blueprint to significant results. This ratio should not be used as a universal criterion for beauty. However, 1.618 offers a standard framework for surgeons to build and innovate on.

Making the ratio work for you

Research shows that the golden ratio may be a fundamental constant in quantum physics, biological patterns, and even surgery. Beauty applications for the golden ratio can help balance facial features via achieving symmetry. Often touted as a formula for beauty, patients must be careful not to develop unrealistic expectations related to the golden ratio. No matter how skilled, no surgeon can produce perfection. Primary care doctors should work loosely with patients ahead of surgery to develop realistic, long-term goals. With the right counseling, plastic surgeons can ensure long-lasting patient satisfaction.

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