The 3 Parts Of Your Facial Structure: What To Know Before A Facelift

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The 3 Parts Of Your Facial Structure: What To Know Before A Facelift

Facelifts And Facial Structure

Facelifts are one of the go-to procedures for tightening the skin and slowing the signs of aging. More and more women and men love the added confidence, and long-lasting results facelifts provide. A cosmetic surgeon performs a facelift by lifting and repositioning the skin and tissue. While facelifts are transformative, the procedure does not target all the 3 parts of the facial structure. A clearer understanding of the parts of the face help surgeons make better decisions.

The upper face

The first part of the facial structure is the upper face. This part starts at the hairline and ends at the lower eyelid. The muscles in this part control movement of the forehead and eyes. Over time, the forehead forms long horizontal lines, while small vertical glabellar lines form between the eyebrows. Wrinkles, called crow’s feet, develop at the corner of the eyes, while skin can begin to droop over the eyelids.

The mid face

The middle face starts at the lower eyelids and ends at the top of the lips. This area includes the ears, cheeks, and nose. The middle face is prone to volume loss, causing sagging cheeks. Sagging cheeks, along with nasolabial folds and jowls, can accelerate the signs of aging.

The lower face

The lower face includes the lips, chin, and jaw and is also prone to signs of aging. Smile lines develop due to repeated movements of the lips. Jowls, sagging skin, and wrinkles develop around the mouth and chin. Loose skin and fat that develops in the neck also impact the contour of the lower jaw.

Facts about facelifts

Facelift procedures target specific areas of the facial structure. A mid-facelift targets wrinkles and sagging skin around the cheeks and middle face. A mini facelift can improve the appearance of jowls, smile lines, and sagging skin on the lower face. For more dramatic results, a full facelift can deeper wrinkles and problem areas. The cosmetic surgeon will combine facelifts with other procedures like neck lifts to improve the patient’s overall appearance. Facelifts have high success rates and can take as much as 12 years off the patient’s perceived look.

Trust your surgeon

During a consultation, a cosmetic surgeon will assess all parts of the patient’s facial structure. This assessment helps the surgeon understand the best procedure for fantastic results. A facelift may only target specific parts of the face. Combining strategies may give patients the desired look.

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