The 5 Best Tips For A Quick Recovery After Plastic Surgery

john park plastic surgery The 5 Best Tips For A Quick Recovery After Plastic Surgery

The 5 Best Tips For A Quick Recovery After Plastic Surgery

How To Recover Well After Plastic Surgery

Many patients have plastic surgery to feel more confident, youthful, or vibrant. While plastic surgery can boast big benefits, the results don’t usually come overnight. Instead, there are a few weeks of recovery to get through before feeling like new. Follow these 5 tips for a smooth recovery.

1. Put out the cigarettes

Smoking is one of the most harmful health habits. And research shows that smoking increases the risk of surgical complications. Smoking can decrease air flow, lead to lung damage, and suppress the immune system. Even smoking one cigarette after surgery can add up to a longer recovery time. For best results, work with a healthcare provider to quit smoking ahead of surgery.

2. Eat smart

A healthy diet goes a long well in aiding recovery. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. Try to prepare healthy meals ahead of surgery, or have a friend or family member assist with meal preparation.

3. Light exercise

In the first week after surgery, walking can be a great option for staying active and promoting healing. Walking improves circulation and decreases the chances of blood clots forming in the legs. Strenuous exercise is usually ill-advised after any type of operation, but a leisurely walk around the block can be helpful. If needed, people may break up exercise into a few 5–10-minute chunks per day, eventually working up to longer walks several weeks to a month after surgery.

4. Don’t lounge

Avoiding strenuous exercise is crucial for proper healing. But doing nothing can also harm the healing process. Staying in bed all day can increase the chances of blood clots forming in the legs, a condition known as deep vein thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis increases the risk of severe and life-threatening complications, including pulmonary embolism, or blood clots in the lungs. Feeling a bit tired is normal, but try to add some small activity into every day.

5. Keep your follow-up appointment

After surgery, following the doctor’s instructions is key. And that includes keeping the follow-up appointment. The follow-up appointment is a crucial time to check on healing and make sure that both the surgeon and patient are happy with cosmetic results. The surgeon can give additional instructions for recovering well.

The path to a healthy recovery

Plastic surgery can help many people feel more confident. Remember that patience is an essential part of the recovery process. Follow the surgeon’s instructions to a T and patients feel like new in no time. To learn more about recovery, speak with a plastic surgeon.

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