Tummy Tuck Financing

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Tummy Tuck Financing

We put a lot of things that we want on a credit card – so, why not a tummy tuck? The answer is probably because no one really thinks about it. It may seem a little unorthodox to some people, but credit for cosmetic procedures is becoming mainstream.

With CareCredit, a healthcare credit card designed with cosmetic healthcare in mind, getting that tummy tuck you so desire becomes a reality. With credit approval, CareCredit can arrange regular monthly payments so that you can schedule your appointment and move forward with that long awaited tummy tuck.

What Are The Advantages Of CareCredit?

• Get the treatment you want when you want it
• Use it over and over for your beauty line of credit
• You can make payments monthly or pay it off

Applying for CareCredit is fast and easy. It can be done at the office or from your home and approval is immediate.

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So, now you have it – the lowdown on how to get what you want when you want it. If you are contemplating a tummy tuck, give Dr. John Park a call for a consultation. We would love for you to meet our professional, caring staff and discuss with you a plastic surgery payment plan that will work for you – (949) 777-6883.

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