Tummy Tuck Recovery…What To Expect

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Tummy Tuck Recovery…What To Expect

A tummy tuck has become a rather routine procedure. However, it is a surgery which requires some down time and recovery period to avoid complications.

The immediate postoperative stage generally can last up to 2 weeks. During this time the drains are in place and your doctor would be checking for any possible problems such as infection or bleeding.

Between 2 and 6 weeks post-surgery, you will begin to feel more like yourself and drains would be removed. After the 6th week, the tummy feels as though it belongs to you again. The numbness is disappearing and you will notice an increase in your energy and feeling of well-being.

Beyond 6 months the incision lightens and softens and your tummy tuck has become a part of your past. It may take up to two years for the incision to lighten and completely heal as much as possible.

Since all abdominoplasties are unique, recovery times can vary with the individual. However, most patients are able to resume most activities between 4-6 weeks and should be able to stand erect within a few days. Pain should not be disabling, but will help to keep you rested and to not push yourself.

Many people consider having this procedure done and wait years to do it. Letting life pass you by with something you can change quite easily is unfortunate.

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