Tummy Tuck Surgery – Not A One Size Fits All Procedure

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Tummy Tuck Surgery – Not A One Size Fits All Procedure

Tummy tucks are not a one size fits all procedure. The type and extent of a tummy tuck depends on several factors. These factors include: anatomy of the patient, the quality of their abdominal muscles and skin, their obstetric and/or weight loss/gain history, the amount of recovery time they can afford and whether or not they smoke. Other important issues are whether the patient has diabetes or other medical conditions affecting their blood flow.

The Classic Tummy Tuck

The ‘classic’ or full version of the tummy tuck, is an incision from one ASIS (anterior superior iliac spine) to the other – ASIS being the bony prominences at the beginning of each of the love handles. It will involve the entire front of the abdomen, the muscle tightening, and the belly button resizing.

The Extended Tummy Tuck

The extended version tummy tuck is when the patient has side rolls extending into the lower back rolls area. The incision is much longer and is used mainly for overweight individuals, where classic tummy-tucks would leave him/her with the rolls on the side, something most patients do not want – this version will eliminate the “side rolls.”

The Body Lift

An even longer version of the tummy tuck which is done when someone has lost a massive amount of weight (within the 100-200 lb. range) is known as a body lift. A circumferential excision is done – which is a combination of the extended tummy tuck with a buttock lift, often with buttock auto-augmentation with the discarded fat.

The Mini-Tummy Tuck

The mini-tummy tuck has a smaller incision, it is slightly longer than a C-section scar, and it is reserved for small ladies with excess of skin mostly under the belly button. The mini tummy tuck addresses the area below the belly-button, the loose muscle, and excess of skin, but it is more difficult with this technique to address the upper abdomen should it require extensive tightening. In most mini-tummy-tucks the belly button is “floated” instead of reshaped/resized; otherwise, the patient may be left with a small vertical scar.

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