What Supplements Should I Take After Cosmetic Surgery? Post Operative Vitamins


What Supplements Should I Take After Cosmetic Surgery? Post Operative Vitamins

Speeding Recovery After Plastic Surgery

After taking the plunge and deciding to undergo a cosmetic procedure, most people want to recover as quickly as possible. Part of the reason is few people enjoy the discomfort of healing after surgery. Additionally, many individuals want to see the final results of the elected procedure. Whatever the reason, following the doctor’s recovery regimen is critical to healing properly. In addition, some supplements might work to help speed the process along.

What to know

Before running to the local pharmacy and cleaning out the supplement aisle, always speak with the plastic surgeon who performed the procedure first. Some supplements can interfere with anesthesia, while consuming too many vitamins or minerals can cause adverse reactions, such as slowing wound healing. After getting the green light for supplementation, consider the following options to aid in plastic surgery recovery.

Vitamin C for collagen

A known antioxidant, vitamin C can do more than keep people from getting sick. The wonder nutrient has also been linked with accelerated wound healing. A recent study found that in surgical patients with ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, deficiency, recovery took longer. Researchers noted that supplementing with 1,000mg of the nutrient could provide dramatic benefits thanks to the known collagen synthesis support associated with the vitamin.

Boost cell turnover with B12

Along with several other vitamins from the B complex collective, vitamin B12 is linked with cellular regeneration. After surgery, having more red blood cells is essential for a full recovery. Since B vitamins are water soluble, the risk of taking too much is greatly reduced.

Stay well with vitamin D

Most people think of vitamin C as the must-have ingredient for a healthy immune system, but vitamin D is also a critical component for staying off the sick list. Research has shown that having a deficiency in the nutrient can manifest as frequent illness. For a person recovering from surgery, wanting to avoid infection is a good reason to incorporate the essential vitamin.

Vitamin A for the skin

Given that most people undergo plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons, this nutrient should also be top of mind. Vitamin A, or the more commonly known derivative retinoids, is critical for cellular turnover and a healthier, more youthful appearance. Similar to vitamin C, the potent ingredient supports collagen production, which is essential for healing wounds and keeping the skin looking healthy. The correct daily dose is essential for optimal benefits, so always check with a healthcare provider before taking this or any other supplement.

Recover the right way

For some people, achieving the daily recommended values of nutrients from diet alone is difficult. For this cohort, supplements can be beneficial. However, a good diet is also a critical part of recovering from a major surgery like cosmetic procedures. Before reaching for a supplement, ensure the healthcare provider has approved use and the correct dose is taken. With the right vitamins in the body, a smooth recovery is possible.

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