What’s Better For Jowls Or Sagging Neckline? Fillers Or Facelifts?

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What’s Better For Jowls Or Sagging Neckline? Fillers Or Facelifts?

Reversing The Signs Of Aging

The face goes through several changes with age. The muscles become weaker, and the skin begins to sag. A common sign of aging skin is jowls, which develop around the jawline and chin. This sagging skin can also happen under the chin and around the neck. Reversing these unwanted changes was once an impossible task. However, with cosmetic procedures like fillers and facelifts, people with jowls can look younger. Choosing the right approach is vital for fantastic results and a new outlook on life.

What causes jowls and sagging skin?

At some point, every person will begin to develop sagging skin and signs of aging. However, the severity of jowls and loose skin under the neck will depend on different factors. Over time, the skin loses elastin and collagen, the elements that give skin elasticity. Genetics also plays a significant role, and some people will have more pronounced jowls and sagging skin than others. In addition, some people are more likely to develop jowls due to lifestyle choices such as sun exposure, smoking, and weight loss.

Fill it up

A surgeon or dermatologist can assess the skin, listen to the patient’s goals, then decide the best course of action. Some doctors will suggest fillers or injectables. These are unique compounds injected into specific areas of the skin. Fillers add volume and plump up the skin, giving a refreshed look. Dermal fillers consist of products like hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin type-A. When botulinum toxin is used, the injectable freezes the surrounding muscles, giving a smooth, tight appearance. Injectables are common in the upper and lower parts of the face and neck. Most injectables last 6-18 months, depending on the formulation, volume used, and location treated.

Straight to surgery

Facelifts are another effective way of reversing jowls and sagging skin. This surgical procedure lifts, tightens, and adjusts the skin to appear younger and refreshed. Facelifts start with incisions in front of the ear and along the hairline. The surgeon then lifts the skin and pulls the skin to give a tightened, toned appearance. Next, the surrounding tissue is carefully adjusted, and excess skin is removed. After a recovery period, the face looks younger, more defined, and almost free of jowls. Different types of facelifts are available, including mini-facelifts, SMAS, and ponytails. The surgeon will recommend the best procedure to achieve the desired results.

Should I choose a filler?

Both procedures have advantages and can provide significant results in the right circumstances. Fillers are great for patients who wish to avoid surgery and want fast results. The best candidates for filler are those with minor sagging or jowls. Fillers can smooth out the skin and add volume with minimal effort. Fillers are also cheaper and are considered an entry-level investment in cosmetic procedures. However, fillers have a short lifespan, and patients will need periodic touch-ups, which can add up in cost. At the same time, doctors will recommend against excessive fillers. Too many fillers may cause bruising, puffy skin, more sagging, or an uneven appearance.

Why are facelifts better?

Facelifts are the gold standard for a long-term solution to severe signs of aging. Facelifts provide a more dramatic appearance change, removing deep wrinkles, jowls, and sagging skin. On average, patients look 12 years younger after facelifts. There is also minimal scarring and no need for fillers or touch-ups in the immediate future. Facelifts are also becoming less invasive, faster, and more cost-effective. Despite the effectiveness of facelifts, patients must be prepared to have downtime for recovery. Facelifts are typically recommended for patients in good health, with a good bone structure, and realistic expectations.

Next steps

People with sagging skin or advanced signs of aging no longer need to stay that way. Some are moving into exciting stages of life and want to look and feel fantastic. The goal should be to visit a surgeon who can assess the jowls and sagging skin and make recommendations. For a simple, short-term solution, fillers can help. However, facelifts can provide long-term advanced results, almost eliminating jowls and sagging skin.

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