When Can I Go Out In Public Without Anyone Knowing I Had A Facelift?

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When Can I Go Out In Public Without Anyone Knowing I Had A Facelift?

Returning To Life After A Facelift

Millions of plastic surgery procedures are performed in the United States each year. From nose reshaping and to breast augmentations, and facelifts, countless Americans head to plastic surgery seeking out the ideal proportions. One of the most common procedures, the facial helps minimize the effects of aging by removing and reshaping loose skin. Overall, the success of a facelift depends on age, family health history, and the patient’s anti-aging goals. However, the mini facelift serves as an option for people looking for a quick recovery. Also known as the weekend facelift, the mini facelift accomplishes goals similar to the standard facelift but with fewer incisions. Halving recovery time, the weekend facial best accommodates patients with moderate anti-aging expectations and fully packed schedules.

The best way to recover

Determining anti-aging goals before deciding on a facelift helps patients achieve the best possible results. Aligning patient expectations and clinical timelines help to ensure satisfaction for both doctor and patient. While many patients pursue facelift procedures to correct aging, certain patients pursue facelifts to minimize aging proactively. Plastic surgeons help patients limit the future impacts of age by securing skin that will droop with age. The surgeons use general anesthesia to make small incisions along the hairline and earlobes. After reconstructing skin and connective tissue, extra skin is removed and incisions are closed. Results last up to 10 years, instead of the 15-20 years associated with traditional facelifts. Since fewer incisions are needed, patients generally recover from mini facelifts in half the time of a traditional facelift.

What’s in your family tree?

No matter the procedure, success depends on the family tree of each patient. Families vulnerable to blood clots have an increased risk of bleeding, along with tobacco users. Quit smoking before surgery to limit the risks associated with tobacco consumption. Consistent tobacco use without quitting or severely limiting use raises the risk of poor wound healing, hematomas, and potential skin loss after a facelift.

New face, same you

With millions of plastic surgeries performed in the US, many new patients consider a facelift each year. However, achieving the best results depends on the patient’s expectations for surgery and the timeline for recovery. If a patient doesn’t have time for prolonged surgical recovery, the weekend facial can tighten skin and correct sagging jowls with less downtime. To maximize the likelihood of success, doctors work closely with patients to proactively determine familial health and corresponding risks. A facelift doesn’t mean a new face, but the procedure allows many patients to connect a youthful spirit with an equally youthful face.

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