I’ve Finally Made Up My Mind, I Want A Tummy Tuck!

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I’ve Finally Made Up My Mind, I Want A Tummy Tuck!

Yes, you’ve been thinking about this Tummy Tuck for what may seem like an eternity, BUT, let’s make sure this is the right procedure for you and will allow you to reach your aesthetic goals.

Swimsuit Season Is Around The Corner

No doubt, after your abdominoplasty you will be eager to put on a new swimsuit and “get out there.” For this reason, it’s best to consider perhaps having the procedure done in the fall or winter months. Remember, this is a surgery that requires an adequate amount of healing time. You will be required to wear bulky bandages for a period of time and the incisions will need time to heal.

Do yourself a favor and consider optimal timing when you are considering a mommy makeover.

Is Your Weight Stable?

Another factor to consider is the fact that abdominoplasty is definitely not a weight loss procedure. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, it should be accomplished before surgery. Even though the results of abdominoplasty surgery are permanent, any major or significant weight loss or gain will alter your procedure.

Timing is Everything

Before investing the time and money on abdominoplasty, it is prudent to make sure that you are at a point in your life when you can maintain your weight and avoid any major changes to your body. In other words, waiting until after your last child is the best idea.

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