Why Breast Implants Are Better Than Fat Transfer Augmentation

john park plastic surgery Why Breast Implants Are Better Than Fat Transfer Augmentation

Why Breast Implants Are Better Than Fat Transfer Augmentation

Breast Implants Or Fat Transfer Augmentation?

Every year, thousands of women think about breast augmentation. The surgical procedure enhances breast size, shape, and profile. For medical or cosmetic reasons, breast surgery continues to be a top cosmetic option in the country. Almost all procedures involve placing implants in front or behind the chest muscle. Recently, fat transfer augmentation has become a popular choice. Women opting for fat transfer augmentation will discover that breast implants are a better option.

Saline or silicone?

Breast implants are preferred for women who want larger breasts with a fuller profile instantly. First, the patient will choose a circular mold filled with either saline or silicone. The size and shape of the mold will determine the woman’s cup size and side profile. Later, the surgeon will install the implant through an incision under the breast, armpit, or near the areola. Breast implant surgery can take about 4 weeks to heal and about 1 year for scarring to clear completely.

Using fat to transform your breasts

Fat transfer augmentation involves surgically transferring fat from one part of the body to the breasts. The fat tissue comes from the abdomen or thighs with liposuction. The tissue is then purified and inserted into the breasts. More and more women are looking for natural cosmetic options, so using the body’s fat is very appealing. There’s also the added benefit of reducing fat in unwanted areas. The procedure is less invasive with almost no scarring, using just a large syringe to insert the fat. Fat transfer provides a natural look and field with minimal downtime.

Fat transfer augmentation comes with limitations

Fat transfer has some advantages, but there are some limitations. For starters, the breast size is contingent on the amount of fat in the extraction areas. Therefore, women with low body fat who want larger cup sizes would not get the desired lift. In addition, most of the fat cells will die or become reabsorbed over time. That means the fat transfer process may last just a few years. Furthermore, the dead tissue can turn into cysts which can affect future breast cancer screenings.

Here’s why implants are better

Breast implants are a better option if the goal is to increase the breast size beyond 1-2 cups. Women are more guaranteed to get the desired results after surgery. Implants last longer, with women having fuller breasts for at least 10 years after surgery. The procedure is also cheaper than fat transfer, which requires liposuction and augmentation. Best of all, the surgery is reversible, meaning the patient can remove or change if needed. Should the saline implant rupture, the body will absorb the material. The surgeon can easily remove ruptured silicone with surgery.

Make the right choice

Fat transfer augmentation uses the body’s natural fat in the breast. While there is no scarring and limited downtime, there are several reasons why implants are better. The procedure works for correcting minor defects or slight increases in size. However, breast implants are customizable, safe, reversible, and cheaper. Speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon to make the right choice today.

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