Will Diet & Exercise Get The Jawline You Want? Consult A Plastic Surgeon

john park plastic surgery Will Diet _ Exercise Get The Jawline You Want Consult A Plastic Surgeon

Will Diet & Exercise Get The Jawline You Want? Consult A Plastic Surgeon

Weight Loss Won’t Solve Everything

Despite all the weight-loss fads on the market, proper diet and exercise will always work. Over time, specific exercises can even create more defined abs, legs, arms, and butt. Yet, there are parts of the body that may not budge with exercise. The fat located in the face and jawline is one of those body parts. As a result, plastic surgeons can help some patients look and feel amazing.

Your jaw and weight loss

Anyone trying to get a more defined jaw with diet and exercise may be sorely disappointed. When someone gains excess weight, there is no control over where the weight is stored in the body. Some weight goes to the cheeks and jawline. After significant weight loss, all that can be left is fat and sagging skin, especially with old age. Jawlines are not determined by fat and muscles but genetics, namely teeth and bone. There are small muscles in the jaw that help with the mouth. These won’t get any more defined with exercise to give someone a movie star jawline. In fact, specific jawline exercises can cause strains and discomfort. If training fails to bring results, a plastic surgeon can help.

Turning to your plastic surgeon

To get that envied sharp jawline, the tissue and sagging skin left by weight loss need to be addressed. A well-defined jawline and tighter skin indicate a younger, fresher person. Consulting a plastic surgeon can help with both non-surgical and surgical options. A common misconception is that the surgeon will use plastic, which can discourage people from seeking advice. However, the surgeon uses organic compounds and incisions in specific places to give a more defined look.

Non-surgical options

If there is minimal sagging skin and tissue, non-surgical options can help. These usually consist of injectable fillers that can help achieve a more defined jawline. For instance, the surgeon can inject dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid or fat-melting agents in strategic positions. These can fill undefined spaces, creating a smoother jawline..

Neck lifts and facelifts

For an advanced, more long-term solution, facelift and neck lift surgery can help. These procedures are excellent for older persons with severe sagging skin and fat in the neck area. The neck lift and facelift start with incisions along the ear and hairline. The surgeon will pull the skin away from the jaw and reposition fat and tissue. The excess skin is cut away and fastened near the hairline. Facelift and neck lift surgery give more drastic changes that last for several years. With any surgical procedure, there is extensive recovery time, pain, and risks.

A better jawline goes beyond diet and exercise

A healthy, consistent diet and exercise have amazing benefits. Besides extensive weight loss, both can improve physical health, reverse disease, and even improve mental health. However, some people will still see fat and sagging skin around the neck and jawline. Weight loss and specific exercises may not fix these changes. A plastic surgeon can provide a range of options to help patients look and feel fantastic once again.

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