Women Around The World Want Plumper Cheeks: Do You Need A Filler Or A Facelift?

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Women Around The World Want Plumper Cheeks: Do You Need A Filler Or A Facelift?

The Search For Plumper Cheeks

Improving the firmness and volume of cheeks is one of the most sought-after requests of cosmetic surgeons. Women around the world see fuller cheeks as a youthful trait. Cheeks lose volume and elasticity over time due to the breakdown of collagen, fat, and muscle. These changes contribute to the appearance of aging. The desire for plumper cheeks has led to the development of creams, serums, and other non-surgical methods that promise to improve cheek fullness. Despite those options, fillers and facelifts are the most effective ways to create notable change.

Filling your cheeks

What can women do to achieve plump cheeks with high cheekbones? Fillers are an effective, non-surgical method to add volume, reduce wrinkles, and create a fresher look. Dermal fillers contain natural compounds like hyaluronic acid. A cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will inject the filler in specific areas of the face like the cheeks, nasolabial folds, jawline, and chin. This non-invasive method is widespread, with some patients having fillers during lunchtime or on the weekends. Filler restores the lost volume, providing a youthful look.

Turning to a facelift

Facelifts are long-lasting surgical procedures that provide much more dramatic results than fillers. Most target the cheek and jawline by gently lifting the skin and tissue. Facelifts start with incisions along the hairline to the back of the ear. The surgeon then gently lifts the skin and repositions the tissue according to the initial consultation. The excess skin is removed, and the skin is reattached to the hairline. Facelifts, including mini-facelifts, need a few weeks of recovery before revealing the final results. Studies show that facelifts can help women look up to 12 years younger.

Which one is best for you?

Fillers provide natural-looking results in a short, non-invasive procedure. The results are temporary, lasting 2 years maximum, and provide a subtle yet natural look. Fillers are also great for patients with minor volume loss and still have some elasticity. Facelifts are more invasive, need a longer recovery time, and are often more expensive. However, the results are much more dramatic and long-lasting. Facelifts are a better option for patients who have previously had fillers. Age also plays a factor, as older patients with more dramatic volume loss will benefit from a facelift. A board-certified plastic surgeon can help women decide the best route to achieve fuller, more plump cheeks.

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