An Abdominoplasty Can Take “Core Work” to the Next Level

Abdominoplasty Goes to the Next Level | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

An Abdominoplasty Can Take “Core Work” to the Next Level

An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, isn’t just about removing excess belly skin and fat—although that’s why many clients seek it out. John Park MD Plastic Surgery offers a wide range of treatments and surgeries to help patients achieve their best lives. Abdominoplasty does remove saggy skin and extra belly fat in order to make the tummy tauter, but it also includes tightening of the muscle and fascia.

Ab muscles are notoriously tough to strengthen. There are many ab muscles, but a lot of people only focus on the six-pack that is most visible from the surface. There are smaller and deeper ab muscles, too. A lot of the times, these muscles are the ones that are weak and aren’t as supportive as they could be. It’s very difficult to work out these muscles, and if you add in childbirth or weight fluctuations, these muscles can become weaker or even damaged.

Fascia is the connective tissue that’s found throughout the body. If you’ve attended yoga classes, you may have heard instructors talk about massaging or stretching the fascia. For many years, this connective tissue was overlooked in the medical field. Finally, it’s being given the attention it deserves. Fascia plays a big role in overall health, flexibility, strength, and wellness.

Both the fascia and muscles in the abdominal area have a big job. They help make up the anterior (frontal) part of the core. The “core,” or trunk of the body, plays a role in nearly every part of the movement. A weak core puts you at a higher risk of injury and keeps you from performing at your best.

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It’s always a good idea to work on core strength during exercise, but sometimes that isn’t enough. The same can be said for losing excess weight in the belly or toning it. There’s only so much exercise can do. An abdominoplasty can give patients the aesthetic they want while also tightening and strengthening those tricky abdominal muscles and fascia. Find out more about abdominoplasty when you schedule a consultation with John Park MD Plastic Surgery.

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