When Does A Breast Augmentation Require A Breast Lift?

When Does A Breast Augmentation Require A Breast Lift? Dr. John Park

When Does A Breast Augmentation Require A Breast Lift?

If you have decided on a breast augmentation, it was probably not an easy decision and, now you have more questions, such as, “Should I include a breast lift?” This is probably a procedure you have been thinking about for a while so, now that the decision is made, other questions arise. Adding a breast lift to the scenario may not be an easy decision to make. There are some questions you need to have answered before you move forward.

Is there any physical “lift” involved in just a breast implant?

There is somewhat of an illusion involved in a breast implant, because it does give you some upper breast fullness. This is especially visible if the woman’s nipple is at or above the level of the fold of skin beneath the breast. If, however, the nipple is further down, below the fold, it may cause the nipple to look as though it is pointing downward. You would not want the implant placed lower, as that would defeat the purpose and cause a low hanging breast.

Are you happy with your breast size when wearing a bra?

If you are happy with the look you have in a bra, you may only require a breast lift. All that is involved with that procedure would be what is called a Mastopexy, or skin tightening. Different techniques can be used, but the periareolar or donut scar is the most popular, as it leaves the least visible and smallest scar.

Upper pole fullness in a Breast Augmentation with a Breast Lift

Many patients will cup their hands around their breasts, pull them up and tell their surgeon, “This is exactly what I want them to look like.” Many times, after a breast lift, the breast does have the fullness in the upper pole as this request is referring to. However, after a few months, things settle and the look may not seem as full. This is when many patients wish they had done an implant as well. It will give the lifted breast a fuller appearance in the upper pole area.

Can a breast lift be done with no scarring?

When a breast lift is done, it is always necessary to change the position of the nipple. So, minimally, you will have a scar around the areola; however, it is usually very well disguised blending into the darker tones of the areola and skin.

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