Give Your Appearance a Lift with a Breast Lift

Give Your Look a Lift with a Breast Lift | Dr. John Park Newport Beach

Give Your Appearance a Lift with a Breast Lift

Just as the rest of your body ages, so do your breasts. Age, gravity and other factors can affect your breasts and their appearance. In time, women often begin to notice their breasts hang and sag a little more than usual. Some women may even see a change in volume as it becomes depleted. A breast lift from John Park MD Plastic Surgery can address these concerns and more by helping women to restore their breasts to their former shape and position.

The Breast Lift Procedure

A breast lift is designed to restore breasts to a lifted appearance while enhancing their shape and firmness. Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. John Park tries to minimize scarring as much as possible and relies on the following breast lift incision patterns to do so: the peri-areola lift, also known as the crescent lift, for minimal ptosis or drooping, the short scar lift for moderate ptosis, the wise pattern lift for severe ptosis, the modified wise pattern breast lift for moderate to severe ptosis, and the scarless breast lift which incorporates breast augmentation into the lift.

Once the incision has been made, any excess skin and tissue are removed, and the nipple is relocated to a higher position on the lifted breasts. The breasts are then reshaped before the incisions are closed. Following surgery, women will be required to wear a surgical bra to keep their newly shaped breasts in place.

Reasons For Having a Breast Lift

There’s no one reason for a woman to have a breast lift. As we all know, age does not discriminate and everyone’s body changes naturally with gravity, pregnancy or weight loss.

Aging can affect your skin’s elasticity as your body’s production of collagen decreases. This results in gravity taking its toll and pulling the breasts downward and leaving empty, the inelastic skin where your breasts once sat upright.

Motherhood is a miraculous life event but one that can wreak havoc on your breasts. Breastfeeding leads to the stretching of your breast tissue and skin as milk is produced.

Losing weight is also an exciting achievement in one’s life but it too can dramatically change the breasts. Significant weight loss can leave the breasts looking misshapen and a little saggy due to a loss of volume and inelastic skin.

Restore Your Perkiness At John Park MD Plastic Surgery

No matter what your reason for deciding to have a breast lift, Dr. John Park can help you reshape and position your breasts to give you a full and youthful appearance. Contact John Park MD Plastic Surgery at (949) 777-6883 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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