Breast Lift: When Breast Implants Aren’t for You

Breast Lift: When Breast Implants Aren't for You | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Breast Lift: When Breast Implants Aren’t for You

Breast surgery can include various procedures such as a breast augmentationbreast lift or a breast reduction – but they always include breast implants. Not every patient wants breast implants, but many patients want a perkier appearance and more shapely breasts. In situations where a woman has sufficient breast tissue, there might be an option to have a breast lift without breast implants and achieve the fuller look she desires.

Breast Lift Considerations

A breast lift can change the profile of the natural breast, making it rest higher on the body for a more youthful silhouette. Breast lifts remove excess skin that causes sagging. As we get older, our skin loses elasticity and breasts are one of the first places this can be seen. Breasts of all sizes can sag, but it’s most common in larger breasts. Whether caused by childbirth, weight shifts, or just age and genetics, a breast lift is a natural way to optimize your breast profile.

Breast Lift Incisions

There are many types of incisions for a breast lift depending on your goals and the amount of skin to be removed. Some incisions are hidden in the fold of the breast. When more skin needs to be removed, incisions around the areola may be necessary. Those incisions will be hidden by the pigmentation. Patients concerned about scarring can always opt for post-surgical scar treatments, such as laser skin therapy. However, most incisions are relatively small and heal very nicely. If you are prone to keloid scarring, common in those with darker skin tones, talk to your doctor about possible treatments after surgery.

Breast Lift Surgery and Recovery

Just like any surgery, a breast lift requires anesthesia and recovery time. Sometimes liposuction complements a breast lift, particularly if a patient has some excess fat when looking at the breasts from the side. Others add liposuction to the back of the bra strap area to achieve a shapelier overall silhouette after surgery. All breast surgery procedures are completely personalized to give you the results you want quickly and safely.

Complimentary Breast Surgery Procedures

It’s often possible to add breast implants even after you’ve had a breast lift. Just because you’ve had a breast lift, doesn’t mean you can’t have a breast augmentation later. Usually these procedures are performed at the same time, however, some women wait for an increase in volume due to playing sports and larger breasts pose challenges with athletic performance. That’s when a breast lift is desirable – this surgery does not make the skin so tight that future breast implants are not possible. Instead, it gives patients the naturally taut yet flexible chest suitable for activities of daily living. Find out more about John Park MD Plastic Surgery breast lifts by calling 949-777-6883.

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