Dermal Fillers Further Enhance Facelifts

Dermal Fillers Further Enhance Facelifts | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Dermal Fillers Further Enhance Facelifts

Facelifts can instantly make a person look decades younger, restoring youthfulness and confidence with a single procedure. At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, your Newport Beach surgeon is double board-certified in general plastics and eyes, guaranteeing flawless results that are natural-looking and stunning.

Go Further With Dermal Fillers

Facelifts already drastically decrease or completely remove fine lines and wrinkles naturally associated with aging while improving skin laxity and texture. However, you can also further enhance and customize your facelift with the addition of dermal fillers.

As we get older, it is natural for hollowness to show in key areas of the face, such as the cheek areas and under the eyes. Dermal fillers can instantly restore volume to these areas in a safe and very effective manner. While dermal fillers can certainly be a primary cosmetic treatment, they are also fantastic additions to a facelift. Great skin laxity paired with just the right volume in just the right places can take your facial rejuvenation to the next level.

Dermal fillers can also be placed in the lips to restore your youthful pout—or give you the luscious full lips you’ve always wanted. Aging gracefully requires a balance between tautness and volume, and that can be achieved when you pair a facelift with dermal fillers.

Choose Your Filler

Plus, with so many dermal fillers available, you have plenty of choices. The vast majority use hyaluronic acid as their primary ingredient, which is a safe substance found naturally in the body. Some dermal fillers last a few months so you can try out a new look, while others are semi-permanent and can last for up to two years. Talk to your doctor about your goals, and you’ll be able to find the perfect dermal filler for you.

Today’s facelifts utilize the best technology, and incisions are easily hidden in the natural crevices in and around the ears. Facelifts do much more than restore youth and aesthetics. It’s a procedure that increases self-esteem and confidence.

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