Don’t Miss Your Last Chance for a Secret Pandemic Facelift

Last Chance for a Pandemic Facelift | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Don’t Miss Your Last Chance for a Secret Pandemic Facelift

Hundreds of thousands of people in America are being vaccinated every day, and you’ve seen how the world is slowly starting to open back up. John Park MD Plastic Surgery experienced a surge in surgical requests in the past year, particularly for facelifts. It makes sense because we’ve been living in an unprecedented era where you’re encouraged to avoid social situations and may have been working from home. Every surgery requires a recovery period, and many people who have wanted a facelift for years simply didn’t have the time for it. COVID-19 changed everything, with an unparalleled number of people opting to erase 10+ years off their face. But what if you’ve been procrastinating?

Now is your last chance to take advantage of a COVID pandemic facelift before everything gets back to a new normal. Summer is right around the corner, and if you schedule a facelift in the coming weeks then you’ll be able to show off your post-pandemic look and have everyone wondering what your secret is. Recovery from a facelift is actually quicker than most people think, with most patients feeling comfortable being seen in public about one month post-surgery (though full results can take up to six months to be appreciated). That means in just one month you’ll be able to enjoy a younger-looking you.

The New Facelift

Today’s facelifts use the latest techniques to ensure invisible incisions that are artfully hidden in the natural crevices of the ear. A neck lift, which is typically performed as part of a facelift, only requires a very small incision below the chin. Gone are the days when facelift scars were obvious thanks to the latest approaches and strategies. Plus, today’s facelift addresses the underlying tissue as well as the skin. This allows for a stunning and yet still-natural looking result that can last for years.

There’s also a mini facelift for those who aren’t quite ready for a full facelift. It can be a great procedure for those in their 40s or 30s. It’s similar to a full facelift, but even less invasive. This means the recovery period is also shorter. A mini facelift can delay the desire and need for a full facelift by several years. How do you know which facelift is right for you? It all starts with a complimentary consultation.

A Facelift is the Ultimate Way to Make Your Post-Pandemic Summer Debut

A lot of people are making summer plans, oftentimes seeing friends and family for the first time in over a year. If you’re worried that you’ll still be recovering in the summer months, don’t—if you book your facelift in the next few weeks you’ll feel confident by the time those summer plans roll around. Thanks to very small incisions and the latest surgical techniques, you’ll be looking and feeling better than ever quicker than you imagine. Plus, you don’t have to avoid your favorite summer activities for long following the procedure. From swimming to boating and everything in between, the short recovery period after a facelift will ensure that you’ll have plenty of time to partake in all your beloved summer activities.

Facelifts address what many people notice as the first signs of aging. The skin on our face is thin, delicate, highly mobile, and routinely exposed to dangerous UV rays. Even if you’re properly adamant about wearing sunscreen, our face is simply where we see the first signs of sun damage and aging gracefully. A facelift can rewind the clock on your face and neck, making you look as healthy and happy as you really are.

Schedule Your Spring Facelift Today

Time is running out. If you’ve been thinking about a pandemic procedure, now is the time to act. Schedule a complimentary consultation today and find out what a facelift can do for you. When you look your best, you feel your best, and confidence is the must-have essential this summer. Facelifts are suitable for adult men and women, targeting the most common complaints in a dramatic and yet organic-looking fashion.

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