Where a Facelift Can Improve Your Life

Where a Facelift Can Improve Your Life | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Where a Facelift Can Improve Your Life

Most people start thinking about getting a facelift because they want to look more youthful, but did you know a facelift can actually improve multiple facets of your life? John Park MD Plastic Surgery works with patients to help them achieve the ultimate outcome of a facelift: a happier life overall. There are a number of different facelift techniques, and one is not inherently better than another. However, it is critical that you only work with a surgeon who customizes each procedure just for you.

What does looking more youthful mean? It means more confidence and self-esteem. That’s something everyone could have a little more of, especially since we live in a culture where humility and even self-deprecating humor is revered. Loving yourself first is foundational in being able to love others, and how you feel about yourself is crucial. When you look good, you feel good. It really is that simple, but what isn’t so simple is what that means in other parts of your life.

Your Social Life and Facelifts

The importance of our social life has really been highlighted in the past year. We are social creatures and we truly need to connect. However, self-esteem plays a big role in how social we are and how much confidence we have to get out there, see friends, and make new ones. A facelift gives you the confidence to nurture your social life. This has become such an integral part of our health, that social health is typically considered just as important as other types of health including physical, mental, and emotional.

For those who are looking for a romantic partnership (or want to foster one they already have), a facelift can also help in this regard. We already know that looks play a role in our romantic life, but when we look good we have the confidence necessary to nourish these relationships. It’s not only the aesthetic results of a facelift that help us in our romantic life, but also how these results feed our inner self.

Facelifts for Career Leverage

It’s long been known (and many studies have shown) that a woman who looks younger has it a little easier in the workplace. However, the same is also increasingly true for men, particularly in some regions and/or industries. There has been a huge uptick in requests for youthful procedures, including a facelift, amongst men in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles. It might not seem right or fair, but the more youthful you appear the more opportunities you may be offered in your career.

One reason for this is the idea of “youthful energy,” something that is perceived when you look younger and more vibrant. When you look younger, it might seem like you have the energy to perform better. This, of course, isn’t necessarily true, but studies are showing that both men and women benefit from looking younger if they want a boost in their career. With a facelift, you can enjoy the benefits of looking younger and having the experience and skill you’ve developed over the years.

An Easier, More Joyful Life

There is no ideal age for a facelift, but most people start thinking about them in their forties. A mini facelift might be appropriate for those in their thirties. Regardless, by the time you start wondering if a facelift is for you, you’ve probably experienced what it’s like to be both young and a little more mature. Those who look younger are often given leverage and perks based solely on their perceived age. A facelift can help you get that back.

Ultimately, a facelift is a lot more than a facelift. It can help you to look years younger, and that in itself will afford you some bonuses. However, it’s really the emotional facets of a facelift that can really change your world for the better. Right now is the best time to schedule your complimentary consultation for a facelift because we are likely closing in on the tail-end of exclusively working from home and social distancing. You can make your post-quarantine debut looking and feeling your absolute best with a facelift. To schedule your consultation, call John Park MD Plastic Surgery today or complete the online form.

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