How Do You Know if You Need a Breast Lift?

How To Know if You Need a Breast Lift | Dr. John Park Newport Beach

How Do You Know if You Need a Breast Lift?

John Park MD Plastic Surgery offers a variety of breast procedures for patients who are dissatisfied with the size, shape, or appearance of their breasts. With so many options, patients may feel overwhelmed about where to start. Fortunately, Dr. John Park and the entire staff is more than happy to help guide patients in the right direction.

What Is A Breast Lift

One of the most sought-after treatments is a breast lift. A breast lift should not be confused with a breast augmentation. A lift simply reshapes the breasts and restores the position on the chest. Sometimes, patients may opt for a breast lift and an augmentation simultaneously. This is certainly an option, but patients sometimes only need one or the other depending on the current look of the breasts and the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Breast Lift vs. Augmentation – It Starts With A Consultation

When you consider whether or not you need a breast lift, you should evaluate the appearance of your breasts. Here are a variety of considerations:
• Pseudoptosis (ptosis) – This is when breasts have lost their volume usually due to pregnancy or breastfeeding.
• Grade I Ptosis – This has more to do with the nipple being slightly downturned, but not completely downward.
• Grade II Ptosis – This stage is a moderate droop, volume loss, and nipple downturned.
• Grade III Ptosis – This stage is when the nipple is totally downward, and there is severe loss of breast volume.

Typically, patients with Grade II or Grade III are good candidates for a breast lift while the other two stages may be remedied with a breast augmentation only.

Making the Decision

How your breasts are situated on your body can certainly impact your self-esteem. If you’ve noticed changes in the shape of your breasts due to natural aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations, then you could be a good candidate for a breast lift. This operation will entirely restore your breasts to an upright position and give you that perky silhouette you once had.

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Dr. John Park has years of experience giving his patients a new lease on life. If you think your appearance has an impact your day-to-day life, then it’s time to consider your options. Dr. John Park is located in Newport Beach and is available for a complimentary breast surgery consultation. Allow his knowledge and experience to guide you toward the right choice for a new and improved you. Call (949) 777-6883 to schedule your consultation today.

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