Why Patients Love ZO Skin Health

Why Patients Love ZO Skin Health | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Why Patients Love ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health is one of the top medical-grade skin care lines, garnering rave reviews and awards from around the globe. John Mark MD Plastic Surgery offers only the absolute best products for patients, and that includes ZO Skin Health. The line was created by Dr. Obagi who had a goal to help everyone achieve skin that was healthy, smooth, hydrated, firm, and evenly toned. ZO Skin Health complements every treatment and procedure that’s designed to improve the skin, helping to focus on the best results and not solely on a diagnosis.

At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, ZO Skin Health products are the perfect complement to a wide range of procedures including chemical peels, dermal fillers, and non-invasive facial contouring procedures. ZO Skin Health also includes one of the most effective sunscreen products available on the market.

Every ZO Skin Health product features premium ingredients and formulas developed with the latest technologies. ZO Skin Health is the Obagi line that focuses on sustaining results after various treatments, such as peels and facials. It’s the ideal line to use for daily skin care, since it safeguards the skin from the environment and harmful UV rays.

Addressing the root cause of skin concerns like acne, rosacea, and other common conditions are critical. However, treatments for symptoms should go beyond foundational, and that’s a priority at John Park MD Plastic Surgery. Clients want to achieve and sustain the most incredible results, and ZO Skin Health products help make that happen.

Taking care of your skin includes using the right, high-quality products on a daily basis complemented with routine in-office procedures. Whether you’re considering Botox injections to help relax facial muscles that might cause a furrowed brow or you get regular facials as a special treat for yourself, it’s time to extend that self-care with a daily skin care regimen.

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