Get Your Youthful Figure Back with a Breast Lift

Youthful Figure with a Breast Lift | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Get Your Youthful Figure Back with a Breast Lift

Breast surgeries including breast augmentations and breast lifts are frequently performed by board certified Dr. John Park. In fact, many patients are interested in learning more about how they can restore the shape and appearance of their breasts and get back some of that youthful appearance they once had. While many women are interested in enhancing their breast size, others see Dr. Park to correct sagging, loose skin. Each type of “problem” utilizes a different surgical technique to restore balance and proportion.

Sagging Breasts Are A Normal Part of Aging

Unfortunately, over time women lose elasticity in their skin. Common reasons that women have sagging breasts include:
• Aging
• Genetics
• Pregnancy
• Extreme weight loss

It’s important to remember that even if a woman is in the best shape of her life, her breasts can still sag. It’s inevitable and women should know they are not alone. While certain exercises may restore some of the breast contours, a breast lift is truly the only long-term solution that will repair excessive skin and descending curves.

What are the Benefits of a Breast Lift?

Everybody wants to look their best, but there are actually many more benefits to getting a breast lift. Some of the common reasons include:
• Restore a youthful appearance
• Clothing fits better
• Better posture
• Less back pain

No matter what your reason may be, Dr. John Park is happy to help you get the best look possible. Keep in mind; some women opt to have a breast augmentation in conjunction with a breast lift. Of course, this decision will center on specifics about your body and health as well as your physical goals.

Breast Lift Consultation with Dr. John Park

Are you interested in learning more about the breast lift procedure? Let Dr. John Park help you. He is a dedicated plastic surgeon that has years of experience with giving patients the best results possible. To learn more about a breast lift and to schedule your complimentary consultation please call us at (949) 777-6883. It’s time to start living life with the body you’ve always wanted!

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