A Pandemic Facelift: Masks Hide Your Recovery

A Pandemic Facelift: Masks Hide Your Recovery | Dr. John Park

A Pandemic Facelift: Masks Hide Your Recovery

There has been a big surge in requests for cosmetic surgery during the pandemic across the country, including at John Park MD Plastic Surgery. There has been no time in history that such ideal circumstances for plastic surgery have happened. Many people are working from home, there’s zero pressure to attend social events, and there is no second thoughts if you bow out of a social gathering. Plus, when you do need to venture out, most of your face is covered up. To be precise, the exact part of the face is covered that is addressed in a facelift.

A facelift focuses on the lower half of the face and the neck—in fact, a neck lift is inherently part of a traditional facelift. A properly worn mask reveals just the upper half of the face, which is untouched during a facelift. In other words, if you have put off a facelift in the past because it was too difficult to find the time to recover at home and didn’t want anybody noticing you during an outing in public, now is your time.

Facelift Benefits

A facelift is the first plastic surgery most people consider when they want to turn back the clock. Studies have shown that after a traditional facelift, a person looks 10 – 15 years younger on average. Most patients who are good candidates for a facelift are at least in their 50s, but there’s no age minimum for this procedure. Younger patients might be better candidates for a mini facelift, which isn’t as invasive. However, there are certainly instances where patients in their 40s and even 30s have been found to benefit from a traditional facelift.

Many patients are also surprised by just how quick the recovery period is for a traditional facelift. Some swelling and minor bruising is to be expected in the weeks following the procedure, but this typically quickly subsides. Today’s facelifts feature tiny incisions that are expertly hidden in the crevices around the ear. There is also one very small incision on the bottom of the chin that is used for the neck lift portion of the surgery. The incisions heal very well and are also very easy to hide with hair or even some types of masks in the midst of COVID while they are healing. You can rest assured that if you’re properly wearing a mask in the first week or two after the surgery, nobody will notice that you’ve had a procedure.

Planning Your Post-Pandemic Debut

As vaccine distributions begin to roll out, the country is looking forward to an end to the pandemic. However, experts have reiterated that we will still need to be wearing masks for some time. This is good news for those who are still thinking about a facelift and want the natural anonymity that comes with the mask-wearing days. If you want to make your post-pandemic debut looking and feeling your best, right now is the best time to seriously consider a facelift.

The results of a facelift are technically permanent (unlike non-surgical methods used to rejuvenate the skin). However, do note that the skin and underlying tissue will continue to age as normal. Some people opt for a second facelift many years after their first, while others are perfectly happy “turning back the clock” and marching forward from that point. That is up to you, but choosing the right plastic surgeon for your first facelift is the best way to make sure results are gorgeous yet dramatic and will last for many years.

Scheduling Your Complimentary Consultation

Consultations for surgical procedures are always complimentary at John Park MD Plastic Surgery. During this appointment, you will learn more about the unique approach that is recommended for your procedure. Since every patient is one of a kind, every surgery should be, too. Your exact recovery timeline as well as recommendations for prepping for surgery will be addressed here. It’s also where you can get all of your questions answered and learn more about what you can expect with a facelift.

The past year has had many surprises, and in some cases may have left some signs of the times on your face—but these irregularities don’t have to stay. A facelift quickly erases years and stress from your appearance. Schedule your complimentary consultation with John Park MD Plastic Surgery today by completing the online form or calling (949) 777-6883.

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