Body Lifts Are Perfect after Big Weight Loss

Body Lifts Are Perfect After Weight Loss | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Body Lifts Are Perfect after Big Weight Loss

If you’ve lost a lot of weight or you’re post-partum, you may have been thinking about a tummy tuck—but hold that thought. John Park MD Plastic Surgery works with a lot of patients who think they want a tummy tuck, but change their mind when they are told about the body lift. Tummy tucks can be great options for those who have excess skin solely on the front part of their bodies, but everyone is different. It’s very common also to have loose skin on the back, and addressing this issue is where a body lift differs from a tummy tuck.

A body lift is kind of like a tummy tuck that’s extended all the way around the body. You still get all the benefits of a tummy tuck, including abdominal muscle tightening for many patients, but with the added perk of the treatment extending completely around the body. Sometimes body lifts are combined with liposuction, but this treatment isn’t specifically a weight-loss surgery. It’s designed to lift the entire mid-section of the body while removing excess skin.

We focus a lot on our front and tummy area because that’s what we easily see in the mirror. However, excess skin on the backside can also be an issue. If you want to permanently address discomfort from excess skin on the front and backside while increasing your self-confidence and ensuring clothes fit better, a body lift might be a better choice than a tummy tuck.

However, the best way to know which procedure is right for you is to schedule a consultation. You will have access to the clinic’s complete before and after photos to see what results a body lift can yield. Dr. Park can also discuss the differences between the two procedures and recommend the best procedure for you.

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