Bring Life Back To Your Skin With These Skin Care Treatments

Bring Life Back To Your Skin | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach Skin Care

Bring Life Back To Your Skin With These Skin Care Treatments

With summer in full gear, now is the perfect time to take a moment and focus on your skin. We all enjoy a little fun in the sun – a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle. However, the sun can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it dry, uneven and plagued with lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, there are non-surgical skin care treatments at John Park MD Plastic Surgery that can halt the damage and bring new life into your skin.

Chemical Peels – Remove Damage Layer by Layer

One of the best ways to physically remove damage to your skin is through a chemical peel. Chemical peels come in various strengths and use non-toxic chemicals and ingredients to peel away the damaged outer layers of your skin. What’s left behind is fresh new skin that’s smooth and blemish free. At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, we offer peels from the ZO Skin Health product line. The ZO peels leave your skin renewed and glowing – not to mention younger looking.

Facials – Cleanse, Exfoliate and Nourish

A significant cause of premature aging is dehydration. Just as your body needs water to function, so does your skin. Skin dehydration results in the breakdown of collagen and elastin – two essential proteins responsible for healthy and smooth skin. Facials are a great way to give your skin the boost of moisture it’s desperately lacking. Facials rejuvenate your skin in stages. They remove dead skin cells, clean the pores, rehydrate the skin, and restore balance to your appearance. Facials can be combined with a peel for complete skin renewal.

ZO Skin Care Customized Regimens

Everyone’s skin is different and needs to be treated as so. At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, the first thing we do is assess your skin. Our medical aesthetician and skin care consultant Rose Kelly performs an in-depth skin analysis to determine your skin type and degree of damage. From there, she designs a complete skin care regimen that addresses explicitly your skin concerns. She works with you to treat whatever your skin issue is whether it be acne, melasma, rosacea, sun damage or even just simply to maintain your skin health. By following a ZO Skin Health regimen, your skin will begin to repair itself, and in less than six weeks, you’ll be left with a healthy, natural glow.

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