Considerations Before Having a Facelift

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Considerations Before Having a Facelift

Before you have a facelift it is very important for you to consider your motivation in wanting plastic surgery and your ultimate expectations. Plastic surgery should be considered a gift you give yourself never a “quick fix” for an underlying insecurity.

Of all concerns about facelift surgery, the concern of looking abnormal following the procedure, and about how long it will take to look normal again, are often the biggest.

Appearance problems are primarily due to bruising, swelling, puckering and stretching of the skin. Those surgeons who do everything they can to speed recovery and educate their patients on their own part in the recovery process are doing a great service for their clients in this regard.

Recovery is often a consideration and very important to a facelift procedure. Dr. Park’s surgeries are done under general anesthesia, patients stay overnight in an accredited facility and under the care of a registered nurse. Dr. Park usually recommends that after his patients spend the one night in a recovery center that for an additional five to seven days should be spent resting with minimal activity, and then about ten to twelve additional days before returning to work and increased activity.

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It is important that you already feel good about yourself. Remember, your facelift may improve the way you look but ultimately you will still be you, with an improved self image and a refreshed look. Contact Dr. John Park today to schedule your consultation.

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