Correct Skin Pigmentation With ZO Skin Health

Correct Skin Pigmentation With ZO Skin Health | Dr. John Park

Correct Skin Pigmentation With ZO Skin Health

Dark spots or uneven skin tone can ruin a complexion. Hyperpigmentation can come in the form of sun damage, melasma or even moles. Prolonged sun exposure and age can be all that it takes to create a little discoloration on your skin. Fortunately, with ZO Skin Health from John Park MD Plastic Surgery you can start to combat these signs of damage and improve your skin tone for an even and smooth appearance.

ZO Treatments to Reverse Sun Damage

Sun damage is a common issue that affects almost everyone to some degree. There is no age limit to how young or how old you have to be to begin developing damage from the sun. In the early stages, it’s usually undetectable. Over the years and with continuous exposure to the sun, the damage becomes evident on the surface. ZO Skin Health line offers a variety of skin care treatments and products to help remove or lessen the appearance of dark spots and other signs of sun damage.

At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, licensed medical aesthetician Rose Kelly performs the ZO 3 – Step Peel targeting fine lines, rough texture and dullness – all signs of sun damage. The peel includes an in-office treatment followed by an at-home treatment to produce long-lasting skin renewal and overall improvement. A Brightening Facial is also available, and through the use of microdermabrasion, uneven skin tone is treated and eradicated to provide a bright and glowing complexion.

ZO Skin Care Products for Melasma

Are you noticing dark brown patches on your forehead and nose? This is known as melasma and can affect all skin types. It can be embarrassing and cause you not to want to go out without makeup. ZO Multi-Therapy Hydroquinone System – RX from the ZO Skin Health line helps to lighten these patches and restore your skin’s health. The system is comprised of four ZO products that contain retinol which has proven highly effective in treating dark spots including melasma.

You don’t have to live with dark spots or any type of sun damage on your face. With ZO Skin Care you can lighten the spots and even your complexion. ZO Skin Health treatments and products can effectively be combined with other skin care procedures at John Park MD Plastic Surgery, such as dermal fillers, to achieve complete and total rejuvenation for a younger looking appearance. If you have signs of sun damage that are causing you distress, contact skin care expert Rose Kelly and discuss your options. Schedule a ZO Skin Health consultation by calling (949) 777-6883.

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