Erase 10 Years with a Facelift

Erase 10 Years with a Facelift | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Erase 10 Years with a Facelift

Every plastic surgery experience is unique because every patient is one of a kind. John Park MD Plastic Surgery customizes every procedure to suit your unique skin and goals. Facelifts are one of the first facial cosmetic surgeries many people consider because our face is our first impression. Early and premature signs of aging gracefully typically start as soon as our early twenties, but a facelift or mini facelift can swiftly turn back the clock.

As you likely guessed, a mini facelift is like a facelift but with fewer and shorter incisions. It’s ideal for those who are typically under the age of 50 or who just aren’t ready for a full facelift. A mini facelift also includes a relatively shorter recovery period, but patients are always pleasantly surprised by just how quick recovery is from a full facelift! Most patients return to much of their daily work, such as sedentary tasks, about one week after surgery.

Why a Facelift?

The passing decades doesn’t just affect the skin. It’s tempting to think this since we often first notice the signs of aging on the skin. However, the natural changes that come with the passing years is comprehensive and holistic. It affects the whole body and goes much deeper than the skin. That’s why today’s best facelift techniques address not only the skin—the biggest organ we have—but also the muscles below the skin. By readjusting these muscles and tightening the skin via expert trimming, you can enjoy incredible results that are completely natural-looking.

Today’s facelift techniques also hide the small incisions so well that they’re impossible to see unless you’re a trained surgeon searching for them. Facelift incisions are easy to hide because they get naturally tucked into the curves and crevices around the ears. The ears provide a fantastic hiding spot, and also tend to heal very quickly. By addressing the muscle and the skin, as well as taking advantage of new incision techniques, the “pulled” look is completely avoided and you enjoy stunning results.

Complementing Your Facelift

A lot of patients don’t realize that a facelift and mini facelift only address the lower half of the face and the neck. A necklift is always included in a facelift unless the patient desires otherwise. Opting out of a necklift is rarely the case since the skin on the neck is thin, delicate, sees regular UV exposure, and often undergoes changes at the same pace as the face. In rare circumstances, a necklift may be recommended by itself without addressing the lower half of the face.

You can optimize and sustain your facelift results by carefully following your surgeon’s directions and working with them to create an at-home skin care regimen. Your skin needs and deserves a combination of in-office procedures and daily at-home care to look and be its best. Typically, a full facelift makes a person look an average of ten years younger. This varies a bit patient to patient, but a decade is a very common length to turn back the clock. Complementary treatments like laser skin rejuvenation, chemical peels, microneedling, and a doctor-recommended skin care regimen can help you look even younger (and for longer).

Not Every Facelift Surgeon is the Same

Choosing the right surgeon is just as important as selecting the right surgery. You want a leading, reputable doctor who specializes in facelifts and who has the training and experience to safely give you the results you want. They will have a before and after gallery that showcases their skills and you’ll easily find recommendations and testimonials related to them on non-biased sites. Their education, training, and continuing medical education will reflect their dedication to their surgeries. They will see a facelift not only as a technical achievement, but as art.

Consultations for plastic surgeries should always be complimentary. Having a fee attached to a consultation may be indicative of priorities that don’t align with yours. A consultation is a no-pressure opportunity to discuss your goals and concerns. This is where you’ll also see how you mesh with the doctor. After all, this is the expert you’re trusting with your results and well-being. This should be an exciting and informative first experience. Schedule your consultation with John Park MD Plastic Surgery now by calling (949) 777-6883.

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